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Scott A. Carr

Computer Scientist

Scott is a graduate student of Computer Science at Purdue University.

For more information about Scott, please see the About page.

My Mozilla Intern Talk

A video recording of my talk on MIR optimizations in the Rust compiler from Mozilla San Francisco

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Data Confidentiality and Integrity

Memory corruption errors in C/C++ are a never-ending source of security vulnerabilities. DCI is designed to prevent attacks that leak information or change important variables without changing the program's normal control flow.


CCBot (short for CodeContractsBot) is a tool for automatically inferring, inserting, and checking CodeContracts in C# code. It was developed during my first internship at Micrsoft Research Redmond under the supervision of my mentor Francesco Logozzo. The code is now open source on Github.

Robust Distributed Wind Power Engineering

(August 2012 to July 2014)

We aim to develop an integrated wind farm control infrastructure optimizing for safety, longetivity, and performance.

Chao Zhang, Scott A. Carr, Tongxin Li, Yu Ding, Chengyu Song, Mathias Payer, Dawn Song. VTrust: Regaining Trust on Virtual Calls. Network and Distributed System Security Symposium 2016. (pdf)

Scott A. Carr, Francesco Logozzo, Mathias Payer. Automatic Contract Insertion with CCBot. IEEE Transactions on Software Engineering. (pdf)
Scott A. Carr, Mathias Payer. Poster: Data Confidentiality and Integrity. IEEE Symposium on Security and Privacy 2015. (abstract pdf) (poster pdf)

Scott A. Carr, Neil Pittman. Extending gNOSIS for System Verilog HDL Static Analysis. Microsoft Research Technical Report: MSR-TR-2015-68. (pdf)

Sungmin Kim, Douglas E. Adams , Hoon Sohn, Gustavo Rodriguez-Rivera, Jan Vitek, Scott A. Carr, Ananth Grama. Validation of Vibro-Acoustic Modulation of Wind Turbine Blades for Structural Health Monitoring Using Operational Vibration as a Pumping Signal. International Workshop on Structural Health Monitoring 2013. (pdf)

Nathan Burow, Scott A. Carr, Stefan Brunthaler, Mathias Payer, Joseph Nash, Per Larsen, Michael Franz. Control-Flow Integrity: Precision Security and Performance. ACM Computing Surveys. (to appear)

Scott A. Carr, Mathias Payer. Configurable Data Confidentiality and Integrity with DataShield. ACM Asia Conference on Computer and Communications Security 2017. (pdf)